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Wear & Care

Washing Tips

  1. Comb your wig or hairpiece gently to remove any tangles. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and a capful of specially formulated shampoo.
  2. Soak it for a few minutes, and then gently swish up and down for a thorough wash. Rinse hair in cold water until all shampoo residues are gone. Pat out excess water on soft towel. Use a specially formulated leave-in conditioner specially formulated for synthetic hair to restore softness and luster.
  3. Leave it to dry on a wig stand. Avoid direct sunlight. DO NOT comb or brush when wet. After the wig is dry, give it a shake and it should bounce back to shape.
  4. To style, use a wig brush or fingers. You can use hair mousse or gel to achieve the desired style.

How long will my wig last?

  1. It will depend on how you use and care of your wig.If handled properly, it should last for 1 year approximately and even longer.

Wearing Methods

  1. Secure your hair with a wig cap.
  2. Grab the sides of the wig and slip it over head. Make sure the front edge of the wig lay onto your front hairline.
  3. Adjust positions. Style it with a brush or hair gel if needed.
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